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    • This Agreement sets out general terms and conditions for using our services. This Agreement is applicable when you buy subscriptions/virtual items (e.g accounts for games). Under this Agreement you undertake to buy and accept subscriptions/virtual items (e.g accounts for games) from us and we undertake to sell subscriptions/virtual items (e.g accounts for games) to you.

    • By purchasing subscriptions/virtual items (e.g accounts for games) from us, you agree to be bound by and accept this Agreement, its terms and conditions and all the policies and guidelines that are incorporated by reference (for example, the Privacy Policy). If you do not agree with the Agreement and/or individual provisions of the Agreement, you cannot use our services and buy any subscriptions/virtual items (e.g accounts for games) from us. We recommend that you store or print-off a copy of the Agreement (including all policies) for your records.

    • This Agreement comes into effect at the moment you register at our website. We may change, amend, delete or add to this Agreement or any of the terms and conditions contained in any policies or rules governing the website at any time and in its sole discretion. Any such changes will be effective upon the posting of the revised Agreement or such policies and rules on the website and you are solely responsible for reviewing any such notice and the corresponding changes to the Agreement. Your continued use of the website following any such revisions to the Agreement or such policies and rules will constitute your acceptance of such changes. If you do not agree to any such changes, do not continue to use our services.

    Personal Account
    • If you want to start using our services and buy subscriptions/virtual items (e.g accounts for games), you must register at the website. After you agree to be bound by this Agreement, we'll establish an account for you (the 'Account') and provide you with the unique login ID and password. We're entitled to refuse to register a new customer without indicating the reasons.

    • To register, you must provide your real e-mail address and other information required in the registration form.

    • You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account information, including unique login ID and password, and for their use.

    • You acknowledge that you must login with your account at last once monthly. Inactive users for over a month may get pruned (deleted) upon database clean up. You agree that we are not responsible for your loss under such circumstances.

    • You confirm that at the registration at the website you have entered correct data about yourself and that afterwards, when changing or adding this data in the account, you will enter only correct data. The Customer shall bear any losses that occur regarding to the submission of invalid/incorrect data. You unconditionally warrant that any information, data and/or content you provide:
    1. Will be correct, accurate and not misleading or otherwise deceptive.
    2. Will not infringe the intellectual property rights of www.leaguecrack.io or any third party such as copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other proprietary rights, rights of publicity or privacy.
    3. Will not violate any rule, statute, or regulation;
    4. Will not be defamatory or libelous.
    5. Will not create liability for us.
    • Subscriber content should always stay behind the subscriber section and must be only transmitted between subscriber accounts. Sharing subscriber content with non-subscriber users (this incl. but not limited to - in-game screen shots, our loader application, any of the cheats we offer, content of threads in the subscriber section of the forums) may get your account permanently banned.
    Our Rights
    We may at any time:

    • Change or remove (temporarily or permanently) this website, our services, virtual items and other information from without indicating the reasons of such change or removal and you confirm that the we shall not be liable to you for any such change or removal;

    • Restrict your usage of our services, if you breach this Agreement, act in a manner that is unacceptable and threatening to the normal operation of the website or without providing any reasons

    • Change this Agreement unilaterally.
    Order & Pricing
    • You acknowledge that the longer you delay the payment for your order, the bigger risk of Bitcoin value changes can occur. Therefore you assume the risk of volatility of Bitcoins value. If payment is not received within the reasonable payment period, we reserves the right to process the order at the current Bitcoin market rate, according to third party Bitcoin marketplaces for the currency payment was made when processing the order.

    • After your initial order we will check the market rates of Bitcoins at third party services like Coindesk and provide you with an approximate Bitcoin purchase price or quantity for your specified amount of money. You acknowledge that prices and quantities of Bitcoins provided by the us are approximate and may change at the moment of the purchase and payment. If you want to continue the order process, you must agree with the approximate price and make the payment.

    • You must pay the exact amount listed on your order. You agree to deliver the agreed payment for Bitcoins upon confirmation of an order, regardless of changes in Bitcoin value.

    • We reserve the right to determine the Bitcoin market rates according to third party Bitcoin marketplaces and/or Bitcoin users.

    • Prices of Bitcoins are volatile and subject of financial markets. You acknowledge that the price or value of Bitcoin can change rapidly, decrease in value, and potentially even have zero value. Therefore the we does not guarantee the value of your order.

    • It is your responsibility to determine what, if any, taxes apply to the payments for your purchase, and it is your responsibility to collect, report and remit the correct tax to the appropriate tax authority. We're not responsible for determining whether taxes apply to your transaction, or for collecting, reporting or remitting any taxes arising from any transaction.

    • You acknowledge that paying with virtual currency such as steam and/or paysafe cards purchased from 3rd party sites like g2a, eneba, seagm, etc. can be risky and that we are not responsible in case the code you provide is invalid, locked, used, incorrect amount or in any way non-working for us. We keep our rights to not provide any kind or service until we receive a good working card/code. If a code wasn't working it's your own responsibility to resolve it. Note that we can not send any images other than the code error which will be cropped to not expose our steam account details. We will not send any other images such as full screen code error, redeem history, etc.

    • In case of refund request your initial order must be fully completed. Partial payments and orders that aren't fully paid will not be qualified for a refund

    • You acknowledge that each order with us must be fully completed in 6 hours, otherwise we have the right to cancel it at any time if the time frame expires. You also acknowledge and agree that we are not liable for any lost funds due to partial / half payments or anything similar.

    • The native subscription for each order can only be changed before the payment has been issued (that includes full and partial payments, also discounted packages, individual platforms and other additional tools such as bypasses, etc.). If payment has already been issued, the native subscription can not be changed afterward in any circumstances. Please choose carefully what you want exactly before actually request it.
    • We reserve the right to equalize USD or any other currency to EURO course in case the payment was not made in euro.
    • Important subscription/virtual item (e.g account for a game) and payment information is delivered by us to the corresponding user via PM or email address. We do not take any responsibility if you typed in wrong/fake email address, if you don't have access to the corresponding email address, if you don't have access to your forum account PM box for any reason or if you leave/deleted your conversation.

    • Purchased subscriptions/virtual items (e.g accounts for games) are considered delivered at the moment the payment transaction becomes available at the public Bitcoin P2P network.
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