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    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: How to order?
    A: Orders are handled manually. To place an order you simply send PM to @Kayn or @kali. The same answer goes for HWID reset requests with the difference that usually they are requested from subscriber users which can get better and faster support in our Discord Channel instead.

    Q: Which payment methods are accepted?

    A: Currently we accept Payeer, Bitcoin and Steam Wallet Codes

    Q: Can I ask for refund?
    A: Yes, but you must read our refund policy first and make sure you met the requirements.

    Q: Will I get banned using the cheats/hacks you provide?
    A: If depends. Some of the cheats are undetected and others are detected. If you read the post about that particular cheat at the beginning there will be either red warning or green message saying that the cheat is detected/undetected. However if you are using cheats that are 100% undetected (e.g Biksoon or Entropy) you may still get banned if you act like obvious scripter (e.g disable humanizer, use rage settings, etc.)

    Q: What is the time span of your subscriptions?
    A: All our subscriptions are lifetime (you only have to pay once), but some of our cheats (e.g Dr-Cheats Aimbot for Apex Legends) have a 10 days trial payment option.

    Q: What does "Lifetime" means?
    A: It means that your subscription will be active as long as our serice stay alive. We have been here for mote than 2 years and we are not thinking about shutting down any time soon.

    Q: How to join the Discord Channel?
    A: Our Discord Channel is limited for subscriber users only. You have probably noticed the discord widget at the forums home page. Just click the connect button, enter your subscriber key and press "Proceed". For more info and detailed guide with pictures, please check THIS THREAD

    Q: Can I contact you on Discord instead of the forums?
    A: Usually we talk on Discord with subscriber users only, but if it's highly necessary and/or the only option, we may ask for your Discord ID and contact you in a time we specify.

    Q: Can I switch / change subscription from one to another?

    A: That depends. If you are purchasing and decide to go for another subscription before the attaching of the subscription to the account then it's possible, otherwise, it's not possible to change the subscription after it was already attached to the account. The attaching process is completed after the payment for the order is processed.

    Q: When the crack will be updated?
    A: Usually we update our cracks about an hour after the official update, but there are some rare cases in which it may take longer. If any of our cracks require additional efford for updating and will take more time than the usual, we will definitely post a thread in the News & Announcements section explaining why, how and providing you with approximate ETA.

    Q: Why the LC Loader application was blocked by my antivirus software?
    A: LC Loader is very complex application. We invested a lot of time and effort to make it like it is today, however it's partially coded in .NET which can easly be decompiled. We can not afford to let somebody peek or leech/steal our code, so we have used additional 3rd party libraries to pack (encrypt) our code. Unfortunately there is one bad thing about it and it's that packed code are often detected as a virus by some antivirus softwares. Of course, it's a false alarm and you can safety add LC Loader into your antivirus software exclusions.
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