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    Currently all orders and handled manually by our team members. To place and order simply send PM to @Kayn or @kali in the forums. We will respond back to you as soon as possible. All orders are lifetime. You only need to pay once. Note that all transaction and any possible currency conversation taxes are covered by the buyer. The forum rank itself doesn't include any 3rd party cracked tools such as biksoon, entropy, hanbot, gos, etc. The stand alone price for the forum VIP rank is 50 euro / lifetime access and it's included in the Discounted Package #4 and #5

    It's is recommended to read our Terms of Service before placing an order.

    What you will get:
    1. Lifetime access to our exclusive subscriber forum section from where you will be downloading LC Loader in order to access your desired cheat / scripting platform.
    2. Ability to edit signature (post images, links, lists, etc...)
    3. Ability to post and manage public profile posts
    4. Ability to edit/delete your own threads and posts
    5. Ability to post requests
    6. A chance to become contributor with free access to all available cracks
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.